A Day in the Life... Richard Dodgson of Timebased

Frankie Wright
5 March 2015

Richard Dodgson is the Creative Director of Timebased Events. He lives in central London with his wife and three children.

Jobs come in all shapes and sizes and events usually take five months to a year to organise. Over the years we have worked with brands including M&S, Hackett, Ralph Lauren and Vogue.

We recently organised the global launch of David Beckham’s H&M swimwear collection. We hired Shoreditch House for a VIP pool party and transformed the rooftop venue into an elegant space with sun loungers dressed in the collection’s colour palette of navy and khaki; giant campaign images; and immersive fountains in the pool.

On big event days I’m up by 7am and do the school run four days a week with my daughter Manrica, 13, and sons Lorimer, eight, and Denholm, seven. I have the luxury of being able to choose where my office is, so it’s a 10-minute walk from home.

I get my outfit – which always reflects the theme of the event – ready the night before, plus all the accessories I’ll need, including my walkie-talkie, door clicker that counts attendees and health and safety briefings.

When I get into the office I sort out any immediate issues – such as last-minute changes, scripts and documents – collect what I need, print and package everything and aim to be at the venue by 10am.

We always look for new locations as most clients don’t want venues that competitors have used, but there are limitations, so our job is to make the venue look unique and memorable. My favourite venue is The Royal Opera house; it’s so dramatic and beautiful.

Lunch is always quick and easy, but I like to hold lunch meetings as it’s a nice break in the day and a relaxing environment to get things done.

My job can be very demanding, so reading helps me unwind; at the moment I’m reading Blood Drenched Beard by Daniel Galeria. I also love languages – before I started Timebased I was an actor and worked in Germany and France and am fluent in both. My Spanish isn’t too bad and I’m learning Portuguese.

I get home from an event at around 1am. A few years ago I would come home, have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and set the video recorder for news shows like GMTV and BBC Breakfast, so I could monitor our media coverage. Nowadays I can instantly see the reaction from attendees on social media.

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