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Client Feedback:
"Timebased did an amazing job re-locating the Grazia Offices to Westfield for a week. Their attention to detail and professionalism paid off and they delivered a spectacular set for the Grazia team."

Creative Event Brief:
The event was part of the store's official launch program and lasted for the duration of 1 week after the press day and official launch. Westfield London had identified Grazia as a title having synergy with the magazine's readership and the centre's customers. Timebased's remit was to produce a dynamic, interactive, live event to launch and profile the flagship store in London. As event coordinators, we also had to present their relationship with the UK's leading fashion magazine 'Grazia' and furniture retailer 'Habitat'. One of the corporate event management challenges was to connect all 3 participants and engage both in-store retailers and customers. Westfield's main objective was to achieve significant profiling within the magazine after the event. They were counting on our experience in the management of large product launch events to help them achieve their goals.

Event Planning & Approach:
To create a 'live' event, the entire Grazia office was relocated to a dynamic work space in the main atrium of Westfield London. Our event planning team ensured the 320sqm space contained three working offices, one board room, a reception area, a photo shoot area, a beauty room, a trend presentation area, and an interview room. Two areas were rigged with microphones so the general public could hear advice live and hear activity as it happened, bringing energy and creativity to the whole launch event. Wall space was utilised to bring pages of the magazine to life, with fashion displays replicating those featured in the magazine. These were updated throughout the event. Interactivity with in-store retailers and customers was achieved through their involvement in displays, presentations, photo shoots and makeovers. Activity on each day was filmed and streamed to the Grazia live web site. Grazia also utilised the opportunity to conduct a survey of how shoppers felt they had been affected by the credit crunch. The creativity required to generate the kind of interaction in this event was what stood out for Westfield. It helped us gain further experience as professional event organisers and as a versatile and creative event management company based in London.

Event Management Results:
The Westfield event was featured on the front cover of Grazia and dominated five full pages in the 'hot stories' section. Westfield experienced a very high footfall which exceeded expectations. It also received excellent feedback from customers regarding the event. Grazia profiled 1,000 women from their onsite survey and utilised the data to write a topical article titled 'Are You A New Recessionista?'