ARUK London Landmarks Half Marathon Cheer Station 2018


London Half Marks Marathon, 25th March 2018.


The very first London Landmarks Half Marathon. A 13 mile race route weaving around some of the capital’s favourite buildings including Nelson’s Column, the London Eye and Big Ben. Over 10,000 people of all ages running for numerous great causes and uniting London’s community.


Timebased were honoured to join the Alzheimer’s Research UK army to help fight the destructive disease. We set up a vibrant cheer station for ARUK at Cheapside, the location of London’s first market, using a market theme experience to bring the area’s history to life. The south side reflected a Victorian theme, with traditional style market stalls decorated with flowers and supporters dressed in costumes from the age. The north side expressed an 80 and 90s theme, with modern stalls, suitcases and our very own cheeky Del Boy. Supporters on both sides of Cheapside spent over four hours spurring on the runners as well as interacting with spectators and passers-by.


The stalls stocked oranges to link to ARUK’s latest promotional campaign, ‘Share the Orange’ – the notion that a brain attacked by Alzheimer’s weighs 140g less than a healthy brain – about the same as an orange. Videos and signage informed the public further about Alzheimer’s Disease and all the hard work done by the charity. A message board allowed the public to leave notes for loved ones affected by the disease.


Alzheimer’s is not a natural condition. It can be beaten with the right funds and research. We’re so proud of the 300+ runners who participated in the race on behalf of Alzheimer’s Research UK, together raising over £175k to support the ongoing effort to defeat dementia.






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