Inspiring installations and designs at Rio 2016

Gina Lees
2 September 2016


After a wonderful 4 weeks, now that the Rio Olympics sadly have drawn to a close, we take a look at what spectacular designs were produced for the Games and what inspired us most. We have chosen our top favourite Rio 2016 moments as sponsors, designers, architects and brands seized the opportunity to create remarkable installations and spectacular Rio 2016 moments.


Omega House


Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, on Rio's famous Ipanema beach, is an artistic landmark for the city’s growing community. Olympic sponsor OMEGA seized the opportunity by creating an amazing beachfront home for their luxury brand during the Games.


OMEGA House invited VIP guests and athletes to relax and enjoy their tranquil home during the day, with each room taking on a theme to reflect the spirit of Rio and heritage of the OMEGA brand. The rooms included the space room, the swing room, the ocean room and the heritage room. For several evenings throughout the Olympics, OMEGA House held evenings to entertain guests, brand ambassadors and athletes.


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Coco - Cola Pavilion by Atelier Marko Brajovic


Olympic sponsors Coco-Cola collaborated with architect Atelier Marko Brajovic to create an immersive and multi-sensory installation. The public were invited to Parada Coca-Cola to experience the creative space, which featured an installation of more than five hundred translucent acrylic spheres, which stimulated the physical behaviour of sparkling bubbles.


The Parada Coca-Cola was created to attract a younger audience and involve them in the spirit of the Olympic Games. The interactive real time hub was a digital space which featured immersive technologies and current music trends, all designed with social sharing in mind and Coca- Cola’s Olympic campaign, #thatsgold. 


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The Dancing Pavilion


Interactive architecture created for the Olympic Games. The Dancing Pavilion was created for a Brazilian beer brand to host music shows and parties. The Pavilion showcased the innovation in tech and design present throughout the Rio 2016 Olympics. The scattered sensors inside of the dance floor capture the beat of the music and movement of people dancing, which activated the motors of the mirrors on the exterior of the building.


The outer skin of the building was covered in multi-colours to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the Olympics., whilst the interior had mirrors casing the walls, resulting in a large disco ball effect.


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Danish studio Henning Larsen Architects creates Pavilion


The Pavilion, named Heart of Denmark ,was located on Rio de Janeiro's iconic Ipanema Beach and was commissioned by Danish tourism board, VisitDenmark. The Pavilion was created by Copenhagen-based architects as a gathering spot for Danish athletes and visitors during the Olympic Games.


The impressive pavilion used boat sails and masts to create a maritime inspired structure. The Pavilion was inspired by Denmark’s sailing culture and was designed with a bar, press room and exhibition area which promoted Danish athletes, as well as their companies and products.


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Diminutive Rio 2016 cauldron complemented by massive kinetic sculpture


The Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony was a large talking point throughout the duration of the Olympic Games and although we were impressed with the beauty of the ceremony, one detail stood out to us the most. American artist Anthony Howe designed a large kinetic sculpture to reflect and amplify the Olympic Cauldron which holds the Olympic flame.


The metal sculpture was made up of hundreds of reflective spheres and plates, which was supported by a metal ring. Each piece in the design rotated independently, creating an impactful reflection from the cauldron’s flame.  


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Samsung use Virtual Reality to bring the Olympics into your home


It wasn’t just installations and designs that won fans at this year’s Games. Olympic partner Samsung announced they would be partnering with NBC Universal to show parts of the Games through their own VR headset, Samsung Gear. The partnership was designed so Olympic fans could watch the Games from the comfort of their own home.


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