Experiential & Creative Events

Through collaboration, instinct and innovation, we orchestrate creative event experiences your guests will never forget.

Imaginative. Bold. Agile. At Timebased, we create dynamic, experience-driven events and unforgettable moments that live on long after the last coat has been collected.

“The catwalk shows and design were stunning and exceeded our expectations... Timebased proved they are the only company who could have pulled this off.”
- M&S

Transforming unexpected venues into evenings that exceed every expectation. Engineering experiential events. Pushing creative boundaries.

From ASOS to Amazon, Vogue to Virgin Media, some of the world’s biggest brands have experienced Timebased events. It’s time to join them.

Some of our experiential and creative events:

Vogue Festival 2015
Crème de la Mer: The Spa Experience