River Island x Ashish

River Island x Ashish
London Fashion Week Festival
21-24 September


When River Island commissioned ‘King of Sequins' Ashish to create a limited-edition collection for their latest Design Forum, we were understandably excited to be part of the collaboration.


Fridge-magnet alphabet sweats. Embroidered pyjamas. Sparkle and statement. We knew bringing to life this remarkable range as a pop-up boutique at London Fashion Week Festival required pushing boundaries.


Encapsulating the wistful comfort and elegance of this 15-piece collaboration called for drama and engagement, creating memories for the fashion forward visitor.

We combined a chic lounge area and daydream inspired set with a sharable DIY slogan wall and stunning video display. Guests were able to rest, play and immerse themselves in the heady world of #RIxASHISH.

Four days. 20,000 festival fashionistas. One playful and fun collection bought to life.


“As a brand, we are not afraid to go against the grain, take risks, but most importantly- have fun! Working with Timebased for this event was a perfect fit. Being our first time at the London Fashion Week Festival, we were looking for an experienced, creative and results driven experiential agency. And we got just that.” – River Island

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