Your Time Is Now

Timebased is a creative, experience-driven events company. Our focus on ‘the now’ and dedication to cultural relevance means we’ve been creating pivotal moments-in-time for brands and their audiences since 1996.

We collaborate with visionary brands to elevate ideas and make the impossible possible. From Delhi to Dalston, our events span the globe. So whether you’re planning an immersive video game signing, a groundbreaking product launch or a star-studded awards ceremony – we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your event exceeds your guests’ expectations.

"We asked you to move the event on to another level, but you exceeded that and jumped about another dozen. How are we going to top that? Then again, every year we say that to you and every year you do."
- GQ

We know brands are built on values. And we’re no different. At our heart is a dedication to being sustainable, responsible, generous, commercial and inspired. This means relentlessly pursuing breakthrough ideas, taking the time to get to know our clients and using our innovative approach to achieve memorable results – every time.

Our tight-knit team has been handpicked for its experience, cultural savvy and dedication to delivering on every detail – whether it’s transforming mansions into iconic fashion haunts or devising digital interactions that connect continents. Through creativity, innovation and know-how, we’ll orchestrate moments to make it your time – right now.

GQ.  Omega.  Vogue.  Virgin Media.  Amazon.  Hugo Boss.  H&M.  M&S.  Viktor & Rolf.  Hackett. Tag Heuer... they’ve all experienced Timebased events.


Join them and make it your time.


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